Sussex Association Relatives And Helpers (S.A.R.A.H.)


S.A.R.A.H is a non-profit group run by volunteers.

The group currently offers weekly outings from Kenrith Court, Hastings. We have in the past, and may do again, offer to collect members from other parts of Hastings, if appropriate.


Each Tuesday the group visits a venue for teas and coffees in the morning, followed by lunch at a second venue. Every week different venues are visited, of which are carefully selected to meet the following criteria, as much as possible:



Lunch predominantly consists of typically traditional 'British' menus. We tend not to visit restaurants such as Chinese, Indian, etc. but many of the pubs and restaurants we do visit have a wide selection on their menus.



What we do on a Tuesday


The minibus leaves Kenrith Court at 10am, often arriving for teas and coffees at approximately 10.30am - 10.45am. Following the relaxing morning refreshments, the group go on to another venue for lunch, normally around 12.30pm. After an un-hurried lunch, the minibus heads back to Hastings, aiming to arrive usually no later than 4pm.

Routes and venues vary hugely to make both the journey and places as interesting as possible. Some weeks we may not travel very far from Hastings, others we end up in the far west of East Sussex or the heart of Kent.





The minibus can carry one wheelchair, being equipped with ramps and a wheelchair restraining system in the vehicle. There is also storage space for walking frames. There are handles that come down either side of the stepped entrance into the minibus to aid entry and exit. The driver (Dave Pickering) also assists as much as is required. There are two helpers, one of which is also the driver. We are never in a rush, and support is always provided getting on and off the minibus. Support is also provided once off the minibus if required.


The group is varied and all are very friendly and welcoming. We would welcome any other persons that are looking for company and a weekly enjoyable day out.


Dave Pickering looks after the minibus maintenance, fuel, tax, insurance, etc. He also organises the outings, choosing venues and making reservations. The running costs of the minibus are met by making an appropriate charge. The charge is to cover the weekly and annual costs of keeping the minibus legal, safe and available. S.A.R.A.H. is a non-profit group and the charge is to cover costs only. This may vary depending on the average size of the group (going up or down).


To see how the current S.A.R.A.H. started please see our History page.




The S.A.R.A.H. minibus near the clock tower on Bexhill sea front (West Parade).